Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good and Better orchestration

Orchestration Scenario
This is from Alan Smiths Presentation

Brute Force approach(Solution 1)

Better Solution (solution 2)

Advantage of solution 2 over solution 1
  • Number of Persistence Point
The solution 1 will always have 2 extra persistence point compared to solution 1.
Persistence point is created after each send shape, unless it is enclosed under atomic scope. Since in the second solution all the send shapes under atomic scope, only one persistence point is generated. Which is at the end of the Atomic scope. Where as, in the first solution there will be three persistence point generated.
  • Parallelization
The first solution is sequential, hence the response time is equal to sum of the all the processing time. In the second solution response time is the maximum time of the processing time. Which will exponentially reduces the response time. Resulting second solution to have the least response time.

  • Error handling
First solution is easy for error handling compared to the second solution.

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